Lost KMNR, 89.7 FM Vault

History of KMSM

by Dale Marshall Class of 65

During the early 1960's, there was a small radio station in the dorms. One of the people having some involvement was Roger Beckman, who later worked at one of the Rolla radio stations using the name Don Grady.

In 1962 or 1963 I was an officer on the Student Council. Occasionally Student Council officers would be invited for some general conversation with Dr. Curtis L. Wilson, who was at the time Dean. (This was before the campus became a university.)

Prior to one of my visits to Dean Wilson's office , Roger Beckman suggested a campus radio station in a special section of the FM band. I brought up the suggestion in the meeting and Dean Wilson requested that I write a report for his review. Apparently the administration was thinking of a campus radio station, but wanted it to be handled by students. When I turned in the report, I received an almost immediate approval to proceed.

Prof. Wells Leitner came on board as faculty adviser, Jerry Kettler as educational program director, Wayne Huckabee as music director, Mike DeVaney as business director, and I was station manager.

It was about a year before the station went on the air, since we had to start from scratch with the FCC, etc. The original concept was one-third educational Programming and two-thirds music.

The music was jazz, easy listening and light and heavy classical, since the local Rolla stations were strong in rock and roll plus country and western.

We recruited a staff and paid the "princely" sum of $0.50 an hour. That wasn't much even back in those days, but it gave us a measure of discipline and control over the DJs.

The year after I graduated, Ken Bowles was station manager.