Kelly Liu
Ph.D. in Geophysics and Space Physics, UCLA, 1998


Formerly University of Missouri-Rolla


Geophysics Facilities

A Dell C6220 Linux Server funded by the NSF EAR-Instrumentation and Facilities program. The C6220 has four nodes and is housed in a C6000 chassis. Each node has 256 GB RAM and 48 processors. The nodes are connected by 13.64 Gbit/s FDR Infiniband to ensure fast inter-process communication. The 36 TB storage array is directly connected to the nodes via 6 Gbit/s SAS cables for high-speed data input/output.


A total of about 80 TB disk space in 3 RAID.


A 24-channel Geode seismic refraction/reflection system


Two GPS-embedded Geometrics magnetometers


7 broadband Guralp 3EX seismometers.


A permanent station equipped with a STS-2 very broadband sensor and a Q330 recorder has been established on campus using alumni donations.


A large library of software for teaching and learning, geophysical data display, modeling, processing, and interpretation. Major software packages include Matlab, Generic Mapping Tools (GMT), Seismic Analysis Code (SAC), Seismic Unix (SU), and many others for seismic tomography, shear-wave splitting and seismic-wave attenuation analyses, mantle discontinuity imaging, seismic data interpretation, seismic data processing, waveform forward modeling, and potential field data processing and modeling.


52 site licenses of Kingdom Suite (

5 site licenses of OpendTect (

5 site licenses of Hampson-Russell (

5 site licenses of Paradigm (