Psychromonas kaikoae
Josh Huju

How was it discovered?

  • Unmanned submersible KAIKO
  • Sediment collected from Japan Trench at depth of 7434 m


  • Gram-negative rods
  • 2-4 µm long, 0.8-1 µm wide
  • Motile by single flagellum
  • Halophilic, Psychrophilic, Piezophilic
  • Optimal conditions: 3% NaCl, 10 °C, and 50 MPa
  • Facultative anaerobe

Distinguishing Characteristics

  • Obligately piezophilic
  • Produces both EPA and DHA
  • Appear elongated at atmospheric pressure and 4 °C
*Disclaimer - This report was written by a student participaring in a microbiology course at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. The accuracy of the contents of this report is not guaranteed and it is recommended that you seek additional sources of information to verify the contents.


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