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In preparation for Friday's in-class security exercise (your jump-start on the assignment), download the INFECTED LINUX virtualbox file. (This is actually quite safe even though the machine has been compromised.) We will investigate the "evidence" in class and provide the mechanisms to investigate using the Cyber KillChain in class Friday.


You can get the cs3800 OS virtual machine (VM) image via the DOWNLOAD LINK here.

Note the username and password are both "os". You can use VirtualBox on your personal equipment or use VirtualBox from a campus CLC machine in Centennial Hall 105, Computer Science 206, or Computer Science 213.

Once you have VirtualBox installed, you can select "Import Appliance" and point it toward the downloaded OS VM. This is a 64bit machine so it cannot be run inside a 32bit host machine! Additionally, the parameters have been fairly constrained in the VM to allow for the best interoperability. This means you will likely want to adjust the number of processors available to the VM (default is 1) and increase the amount of RAM available to the VM (default is 1024MB). These settings can be changed under "settings" when the virtual machine is not running.


The "OSC" VM is configured to allow the kernel module assignment to flow as intended... The description is available from the original site and I have saved a local copy of their 64-bit virtual machine locally HERE. This VM has a user oscreader with a password osc.

Have a nice day!