Who We Are

M-SAT is not a Registered Student Organization (RSO) and thus does not have an elected executive team. The members of M-SAT join on their own or join when they take the Aerospace Senior Design course (space section). The leadership of M-SAT is chosen by Dr. Henry Pernicka (with consultation by other team leads), who is the Principal Investigator of M-SAT as well as the professor of the senior design course.

The UMR SAT team organized Summer 2002. NASA/GSFC suggested the original concept of a short tethered pair of spacecraft as part of the DSS (Distributed Space Systems) effort. Dr P submitted a proposal to the University Nanosat 4 Program (UNP) Fall 2004 that was accepted to include UMR in the NS-4 competition. This program is funded and run primarily by AFOSR (Air Force Office of Scientific Research)/AFRL (Air Force Research Lab), but is also supported by AIAA. The team came in third place out of eleven universities in March 2007. We were not invited to the Nanosat 5 competition. We applied and were accepted to the Nanosat 6 competition during the Fall 2008 semester, and the competition officially began January 1, 2009. The team was renamed the M-SAT team in January 2008 to align with the new Missouri S&T name. We placed second in the Nanosat 7 competition (January 2013), and are currently participating in the Nanosat 8 competition, which concluded January 2015 with M-SAT finishing in first place! We are now in Phase B of Nanosat 8, which entails final testing of our engineering model spacecraft, followed by integration of the actual spacecraft that will be launched to low Earth orbit!