Missouri S&T Gaming Association Events

We host drop-in gaming every Monday and Wednesday evenings with group business included on Mondays. For some games, such as Pathfinder and Warhammer, we have a sign up page where you can see games planned each week and sign up to secure your seat. Go to our Warhorn site to see these events and sign up. For additional events coming up, view the list below.

Event Name




CogCon 29

Missouri S&T Havener Center September 20-22 www.CogConGaming.com
Magic: The Gathering

Gamer's Hideout

St. Robert, MO

Thursday - EDH
Friday - FNM
Saturday - Draft
Friday Night Magic

Eclipse Comic Store
Rolla, MO

Every Friday Night, 6PM www.eclipsebookscomics.com
FNM Route 66 Gaming
Cuba, MO

Booster Drafts and Standard Play. Packs of cards as prizes. Feel free to bring food and drink. NO ALCOHOL.
Every Friday, 6PM 314-412-2288

To participate in our local Pathfinder events on Mondays and Wednesdays, log into Warhorn and sign up for a slot!