AI Puzzle Framework
Currently Implemented Puzzles
A puzzle is a one-player game, which usually requires a series of movements and some degree of thinking or contemplation before it can be solved. There are many different types of puzzles in existance, so in order to test the limits of the AI Puzzle Framework, several different puzzles have been implemented for use on the framework. To develop new puzzles for the framework, consult the Module Developer Guide available from the Guides page.
Candlelit Weighted Maze
The Candlelit Weighted Maze is a puzzle in which the goal state (the end of the maze) may not always be visible from the current position of the player. In addition to the maze darkness, every space in the maze has a specific weight. The ultimate goal of this puzzle is to reach the end of the maze (the diamond), while accumulating the minimum amount of weight along the way. Candlelit Weighted Maze Puzzle
Sliding Box
The Sliding Box Puzzle consists of a number of small and large boxes, each with an open end, and one piece which is allowed to move (the mover piece). By navigating the mover piece into boxes, and pushing those boxes from the inside, the goal of the puzzle is to place a small red box within a large blue box. Sliding Box Puzzle
Sliding Block
The Sliding Block Puzzle is a classic type of puzzle, in which a number of pieces (blocks) must be moved around on the board in order to open up a pathway to enable a special block to exit the board. By moving the blocks either horizontally or vertically, the goal is to move the specially colored piece out through the opening in the edge of the board. Sliding Block Puzzle
FreeCell is a solitaire card game, which consists of a standard 52-card deck of cards delt face-up in eight tableau piles. By utilizing four "free cells" and stacking cards in decreasing order with alternating order, cards can eventually be moved to the four foundation piles on the top right, which hold card of a specific suit, stacked in increasing order by face value. FreeCell Puzzle
Sokoban is a logic puzzle game that originated in Japan. The point of the game is to push a set of objects into a designated area. The objects typically are crates, or some similar object, that need to be grouped in a certain area (Sokoban in Japanese means warehouse keeper). You can only push the blocks (no pulling) and the number of moves it takes to move all ofthe pieces into place is tracked, the fewer the better. Sokoban Puzzle
Tipover is a logic puzzle game that is based off of a 3-dimensional of the same name. In the game there are crates of varying height across the playing area; one of which the player is on. The player can tip over the crate that he/she is on and move across the tipped over crate to other crates. The goal of the puzzle is to find the correct sequence to tip over the crates in order to get to the goal space. Tipover Puzzle