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This 700 ft section of levee slid into the east side of the Mississippi River on August 23, 1983 at Darrow, in Ascension
Parish, Louisiana. The slide occured shortly after a high water stage had receded, suggesting that toe undercutting and
rapid drawdown likely contributed to the failure.

Site Characterization and Failure Modes in the Paterno Flood Case

Levee failures commonly occur in northern California during extreme flow events.
The February 1986 levee failure at Linda occurred after the flood had crested
and the water surface was 9 feet below crest, after 9 days at flood stage.

Flood Protection and Ecosystem Restoration
Professional Development Program

Flood Protection Course for Levee Board Members
Louisiana Transportation Research Center, Louisiana State University,
Baton Rouge, LA, Wed Nov 28, 2007.

Lecture topics:

#1 Why Do We Have Levees in Louisiana

#2 Levee Design Issues in Louisiana

#3 Subsidence and Silt: Why are they so important?

#4 We have to employ Systems Engineering Concepts in the 21st Century


National Science Foundation
Independent Levee Investigation Team
Chapters on Geology And History of the
New Orleans Flood Protection System
-Chapter 3: Geology of the New Orleans Region
-PowerPoint Presention: Geologic Conditions Beneath the New Orleans Area

-Chapter 4: History of the New Orleans Flood Protection System
-PowerPoint Presention: Historic Background on the New Orleans Levee System

-The entire report may be downloaded at http://www.ce.berkeley.edu/~new_orleans
http://www.umr.edu/~rogersda/levees/Draft Final ILIT Report-May22-2005.zip

Online Lectures:

Levee Failures Along the Inner Harbor Navigation Channel

ASCE Geo-Denver 2007 Mini-Symposium on Performance Evaluation
and Analyses of the New Orleans Levee System in Hurricane Katrina

Engineering Geologic Characterization of Levee
Failures in New Orleans During Hurricane Katrina
Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists
50th Annual Mtg.
Los Angeles, CA - Sept. 28, 2007

Geologic Factors Promoting Ground Subsidence
and Coastal Land Loss in the Mississippi Delta
and the Great Debate About What to Do About It
Geological Society of America Annual Meeting
Denver, CO - Oct. 31, 2007

Unraveling the Levee Failure in New Orleans
During Hurricane Katrina - What We all Should Know
Highway Geophysics - NDE Conference
St. Louis, MO Dec 6, 2006

The Role of Micropaleontology in
Assisting with the Characterization of the
Geology Beneath Failed New Orleans Levees
AEG Annual Meeting
Boston, MA Nov 1, 2006

Engineering Geologic Characterization
of Levee Failures in New Orleans
During Hurricane Katrina

AEG Annual Meeting
Boston, MA Nov 1, 2006

Hurricane Katrina and the Critical Role
of the Media in Shaping Public Policy
Invited Presentation at symposium on Geoscience Advocacy
and Communicating with the Public
Geological Society of America Annual Meeting
Philadelphia, PA Oct 23, 2006

The Lessons of Katrina - What We Should All Know
Society of American Military Engineers
Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
Oct 5, 2006

-PART 1 - A Category 5 Hurricane

-PART 2 - Overtopping of Flood Control Structures

-PART 3 - Systemic Failures of Flood Control Infrastructure

-PART 4 - Policy Issues That Will Likely Be
Addressed by Congress

-PART 5 - Emergency Preparedness Issues

-PART 6 - Critial Role of the Media in Disaster
Excercises, Public Education, and the Real Thing

-PART 1 - Why The Mississippi River
And Its Levees Continue To Rise

-PART 2 - The Mississippi River And
Tributaries Project, 1928-1973

-PART 3 - Impact of Hurricanes On
New Orleans And The Gulf Coast, 1900-1998

-PART 4 - Hurricane Katrina Strikes
New Orleans, August 2005

-PART 5 - Lessons Learned And

-PART 1 - Origins of New Orleans

-PART 2 - Drainage Canals

-PART 3 - Inner Harbor Navigation Canal,
Intercoastal Waterway, &
Mississippi River Gulf Outlet

-PART 4 - Geologic Setting And Foundation
Conditions In New Orleans

-PART 5 - Mechanisms of Ground
Settlement In Greater New Orleans

-Evolution of the Levee System
Along the Lower Mississippi River

-1927 Mississippi River Flood



-Development of the New Orleans Flood Protection System
prior to Hurricane Katrina

-Geologic Conditions Underlying the 2005 17th Street Canal
Levee Failure in New Orleans

-New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina.
I: Introduction, Overview, and the East Flank

-New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina.
II: The Central Region and the Lower Ninth Ward

-New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina.
III: The 17th Street Drainage Canal

-New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina.
IV: Orleans East Bank, (Metro) Protected Basin

-Should I Trust That Levee?

-What is a 100 Years Flood?

-Drilling for truth in New Orleans:
A Geologist's Story
(Dr. J. David Rogers' personal account of his experience - interview in the journal Nature)


Failure of the Jones Tract Levee in the San Joaquin Delta during
the December 1955 floods that struck northern California.

(Missouri Levees)

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