JDR Life Lists

I was insprired to write a Life List at age 16 by world explorer John Goddard (at right), who lectured at our
high school once a year.  Photo at left shows me at age 16 with Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater at Camp
Cherry Valley on Catalina Island.  Senator Goldwater encouraged me pursue exploration of the Green and
Colorado Rivers.  He was among the first 70 people to raft through the Grand Canyon, back in 1940, before the
Second World War.

-My Life List

I am often asked what my most memorable experiences have been, so I've
assembled another list !  It includes many things that weren't on my original
list at age 16.  This shows me in the Wadi Qelt above Jericho in the summer of 1995.

-Most Memorable Experiences

-June 2005 article about life lists in Men’s Journal
which profiles Professor Rogers’ life list he made at age 16

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