Site Characterization


Large diameter bucket auger rigs can be employed on steep slopes
using remote power sources, in this case hydraulics.

-Lessons On Site Characterization Gleaned From Forensic Studies
(.PDF of Presentation Given At 2004 AEG National Meeting, Dearborn, MI)

-Notes For The Standard Penetration Test

-Notes On The Cone Penetrometer (CPT) Test

-CPT Hole Closure

-Suggested Methods For Determining Hardness and Abrasiveness of Rocks

-Weak Rock, Poorly Lithified Cockroaches, and Snakes  by  Allen W. Hatheway

-Don't Forget The Sanborn Maps  by  Allen W. Hatheway


Soil horizons are useful indicators of residence time and genesis
of deposition on hillslopes.  These horizons were identified and marked
by a soil pedologist.

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