Catalysis and Membranes Research Laboratory
Rownaghi Group
The crew

Current Group Members

Graduate Students

AbdoAlslm Alwakwak, Ph.D student

Mansour Alsalbok, MS student

Abbas Jawad, Ph.D student

Fatima Magzoub, Ph.D student

Undergraduate Students

Brent Johnston

Connor Griffin

Matthew Dorsey

John Bequette

Katherine Schroeder

Lauren Schroeder

Jack Greer

Spring 2018
From the left: AbdoAlslm Alwakwak, Chloe He, Fatima Magzoub, Ojo Ehigiator, Dr. Ali Rownaghi, Lauren Schroeder, Ahmed Abdulgani, Katherine Schroeder, Abbas Javad, Brent Johnston, Jawad AL-Drwish, John Li
Not Pictured:Connor Griffin, Sudha Visweswaran, John Bequette, Jack Greer