Library Journals Underwritten by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics

  Mathematics Journal Price/Yr     Statistics Journal Price/Yr
TOC Acta Mathematica 240   TOC Advances in Applied Probability 232
ABS Advances in Mathematics 1760     The Annals of Applied Probability 100
FT American Journal of Mathematics 250     The Annals of Probability 150
ABS American Mathematical Monthly 202   TOC The Annals of Statistics 170
TOC Annals of Mathematics 220     Applied Statistics 149
TOC Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society 304     Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics 116
ABS Canadian Journal of Mathematics 540     Biometrics 110
ABS Canadian Mathematical Bulletin 191   FT Biometrika 130
  Current Mathematical Publications 380     Communications in Statistics : Series A & B and Stochastic Models 3395
TOC Fundementa Mathematicae 467     International Statistical Review 66
  Funkcialaj Ekavcioj 210   TOC Journal of Applied Probability 216
ABS Houston Journal of Mathematics 100   ABS Journal of the American Statistical Assoc. 290
TOC Illinois Journal of Mathematics 125     Journal of the Royal Statistical Soc. Series A, B, & C 447
FT Indiana Journal of Mathematics 175     Sankya Series A & B 105
  Journal of Accountancy 56     Sequential Analysis 595
TOC Jounal of Algebraic Combinatorics 440     Statistical Science: A Review of the Institute of Math. Stat. 80
ABS Journal of Differential Equations 2158   ABS Technometrics 60
ABS Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 3540     Total 6411
TOC Journal of the London Mathematical Society 634        
  Mathematica Scadinavica 180   FT Full text of articles available online  
TOC Mathematical Gazette 96   ABS Abstracts available online  
  Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Soc. 450   TOC Table of contents available online  
TOC The Mathematics Teacher 62        
TOC Mathematische Annalen 2018        
  Mathematische Nachrichten 2198        
  Michigan Journal of Mathematics 110        
  Optimal Control Applications and Methods 1595        
FT Pacific Journal of Mathematics 275        
  Portugaliae Mathematicae 156        
  Proceedings. Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sci/ The Royal Soc. 851        
FT Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 587        
ABS Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society 698        
ABS The Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics 475        
FT SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics 356        
FT SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis 488        
FT SIAM Review 206        
FT Topology Proceedings 88     Total Number of Journals Held 60
FT Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 953     Total Journal Holdings 30245
  Total 23834     Replacement Total 3108

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By S.Clark