Al Gonzalez, P.E.

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Current Research


Mr. Gonzalez is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Engineering from the school of Engineering Management at the University of Missouri, Rolla.


Mr. Gonzalez is currently working on his dissertation related to Home Land Security. He is currently architecting the command center for the Saint Louis Region Metropolitan Medical Response Systems designated (SLMMRS). His primary goal is to architect the system of systems for the command, control, communication, computers, intelligence/information C4I for the first responders in the Emergency Medical Services and Public Health Preparedness in the Saint Louis Metro region. Mr. Gonzalez has his own private practice he is the President and CEO of DOTec Corporation and in Saint Louis he is an affiliate professor of engineering management.




Civil Engineering, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, (RUM)


Mechanical Engineering, Washington University, St. Louis

PhD candidate:

Engineering Management, University of Missouri - Rolla


Research Interest:

Development of systems devising counter-measures to identify threats related to biological, chemical, conventional and nuclear warfare. From architecting systems for the prevention, detection, protection and containment with special emphasis to pre-threat activity and post threat activity, specifically target to solutions related to civilian applications.