Current and Recent (since 2008) Graduate Students Advised by Drs. Liu and Gao

Name Year of Graduation Target Degree Current/recent whereabout
Abdelnabi, A. 2011 MS PhD student at S&T
Aboaja, U.H. 2010 MS Western Geophysics, Houston, TX
Alhakeem, A.A. 2013 MS PhD student at S&T
Almadani, S.A. 2011 PhD Faculty at King Saud University
Aldridge, B. 2012 MS Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS)
Alotaibi, M. - MS Current
Alotaibi, W. - MS Current
Alshaia, G. 2014 MS Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Alzaki, T. - MS Current
Atef, A.H. 2009 PhD Faculty at King Abdulaziz University
Atmaca, C. 2014 MS Geophysicist at Paradigm, Houston, TX
Baldwin, J.T. -- MS Current
Bashir, L. 2011 PhD Fugro-Jason, Houston, Texas
Bridges, D. 2011 PhD Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Cheng, S.Y. 2014 MS China
Cherie, S. 2015 PhD Ethiopia
Dahm, H. - PhD Current
Dayma, A.V. - MS Current
De Almeida Goetze, B. - MS Current
Elbileikia, E. 2014 MS Missouri S&T
Elsheikh, A. 2014 PhD Current
Ersay, E. 2015 MS Turkish Petroleum Corporation
Gepek, M. 2014 MS Turkish Petroleum Corporation
Gocer, N. 2015 MS Turkish Petroleum Corporation
Ibrahem, A. 2013 MS Libyan Petroleum Co.
Ji, T.Y. - MS Current
Jia, Y.B. - MS Current
Karabulut, Z. 2013 MS Turkish Petroleum Corporation
Kong, F. - PhD Current
Leach, D. - PhD Current
Lemnifi, A. - PhD Current
Lin, P. - MS Current
Lin, Y.N. - PhD Current
Liu, L. - PhD Current
Liu, Y.H. - MS Current
Mao, C.Y. - MS Current
Mert, D. 2014 MS Turkish Petroleum Corporation
Moidaki, M. 2009 PhD Faculty at University of Botswana
Orubu, A. - MS Current
Oztoplu, F.G. - MS Current
Peng, Y. - PhD Current
Purevsuren, U. 2014 PhD Current
Qaysi, S.I. - PhD Current
Ray, M. 2014 MS Schlumberger, Houston, Texas
Reed, C. - PhD Current
Refayee, H.A. 2008 PhD dGB Earth Sciences, Houston, Texas
Sahin, O. - MS Current
Sun, M. - PhD Current
Tac, O. 2013 PhD Turkish Petroleum Corporation
Wang, B. 2011 PhD Post-doctoral researcher, U. Montreal
Wang, D. - PhD Current
Woo, I. 2008 MS Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS)
Wu, S. 2014 MS Schlumberger, China
Yagci, G. - MS Current
Yang, B. - PhD Current
Yang, Q.Y. - MS Current
Yu, Y. 2015 PhD Faculty at Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Zhang, T.Z. - MS Current