A partial list of awards and recognitions received by graduate students advised by Drs. Gao and Liu (since 2008)

American Association of Petroleum Geologists Imperial Barrel Seismic Interpretation Regional Competition
2014-Abdalla Abdelnabi, Pin Lin, Youqiang Yu: Honorable mention
2012-Brock Aldridge, Bin Yang: Honorable mention
2010-Mellisa Ray, Urna Puresuren: Honorable mention
2009-Uchena Aboaja, Ali Atef, Lamuil Bashir, Hasham Refayee: Honorable mention

China Scholarship Council Graduate Scholarship
2015-Muchen Sun
2014-Lin Liu
2011-Youqiang Yu

Dean's PhD Scholar Award
(Given to about 10 highly-achieving PhD students in the College of Engineering and Computing)
2017-Cory Reed

EarthScope Institute for Lithospheric Modeling
2014-Fansheng Kong: Travel grant

EarthScope US Seismic Array Advanced Data Processing Short Course at Northwestern University
2013-Youqiang Yu: Travel grant

Jeffery Spooner Outstanding Graduate Scholar
(Given annually to the top 1 (2 in 2015) graduate student in the Geology&Geophysics Program)
2016-Cory Reed
2015-Fansheng Kong, Youqiang Yu
2014-Cory Reed
2011-Ali Atef
2010-David Bridges
2008-Dax Moidaki

National Science Foundation East Asia Summer Institute Fellowship
($5,617 to support travel and living in an East Asian country for summer research)
2010-Ben Williams

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistants
(Given annually to the top graduate TA in the Geology&Geophysics Program)
2016-Lin Liu
2011-Brock Alldridge

PhD dissertation completion scholarship
2015-2016: Fansheng Kong

Publications Award
(given by the Geology and Geophysics Program to students who have published one or more refereed journal papers as the first author):

2016-Fansheng Kong, Cory Reed, Bin Yang
2015-Fansheng Kong, Awad Lemnifi, Youqiang Yu
2014-Ahmed Elsheikh, Cory Reed
2013-Hesham Refayee, Bin Yang
2012-David Bridges, Bingzhu Wang
2011-Lamuil Bashir
2009-Ali Atef

Schlumberger North American Ocean Academic Competition
2014: Jarret Baldwin, Fansheng Kong, Youqiang Yu: First place with a $15,000 prize

Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) student awards
2017-Aamer Alhakeem, leadership award
2017-Yangyang Liao, SEG/Hunt Scholarship ($5516.5)
2017-Ashutosh Shrivastava, Anadarko/SEG scholarship ($10,000)
2016-Yuchen Yang, SEG/Hunt Scholarship
2015-Bin Yang, leadership award
2014-Bin Yang, Anadarko/SEG Scholarship ($10,000)
2014-Bin Yang, SEG/ExxonMobil Travel Grant
2009-Ali Atef, leadership award

S&T Chancellor's Fellows Research Poster Competition
2016-Cory Reed (first prize)
2015-Cory Reed (second prize)

S&T Council of Graduate Students Travel Grant
2015-Muchen Sun

S&T Graduate Research Showcase
2014-Aamer Alhakeem (honorable mention)

Thomas Jerris Graduate Service Award
(Given annually to 1-2 graduate students in the Geology and Geophysics Program)
2016-Haider Dahm
2015-Cory Reed
2014-Cory Reed
2010-Ahmed Elsheikh