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St. Patrick's Alumni Dinner

March 15, 2014

Our house will be hosting many events for the celebration of this coming St. Patrick's day from March 12-16. We would love to see as many alumni as possible. Our special alumni dinner will be held on March 15 at 5:00 p.m. at Benton Square. It is a really nice venue with great food. The dinner will be $20.00 and has an available cash bar. Please RSVP to Michael Drewel at or on our Facebook event page St. Pat's Alumni Dinner.


October 19, 2013

Fall 2013 Pledge Class

September, 2013

Sigma Pi's Fall 2013 Pledge Class.

From Left to Right: Cody Grainger, Andrew Kueny, Elliott Wolff, Jack Moore, Tristan Blake

Alec Drury, Spencer Scott, Chris Gibbs, Levi Lamming, Tanner Johnson, Kellen Cook

Not Pictured: Blake Folta

IM Soccer Champions

May, 2013

Sigma Pi's Intramural Soccer team won the championship trophy.

Sigma Pi House Dog

April, 2013

This semester Sigma Pi adopted a new house dog. Tika, a two year old German Shepard mix breed belongs to the house president Mike Little.

Philanthropy Websites

February, 2013

Sigma Pi Fraternity International has adopted two new national philanthropy projects: Sigma Pi for Hope and the Sean Vernon Feliciano Amazing Day Foundation. Sigma Pi for Hope has partnered with Donate Life America and encourages all Sigma Pi members to register or reaffirm their decision to save lives through organ and tissue donation and to encourage all people they come in contact with to do the same. The Amazing Day Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising funds to create awareness and reduce the suicides of college students. Alpha Iota chapter strongly encourages all of our alumni and current active members to visit both of these organizations websites, shown below.

Sigma Pi for Hope:
  • Amazing Day Foundation:

  • Website Technical Issues

    January, 2013

    The previous Sigma Pi website,, has been accidentally destroyed after a Student Council server failure. Please have patience while we rebuild the site. We are also looking into new hosting and domain options to provide a more user-friendly web address.

    Exceptional Grades

    January, 2013

    Sigma Pi had a house GPA of 3.105 fall semester 2012, making us fifth in grades out of 24 fraternities. The all student average was 3.023 and the all greek average was 2.978.

    Spring Semester Grades

    June, 2012

    Sigma Pi had a house GPA of 3.108 spring semester 2012, making us fourth in grades out of 24 fraternities. The all student average was 3.021 and the all greek average was 3.013.

    Cathouse Closing

    January, 2012

    The Fraternity's third house, the 'Cathouse', has been closed due to financial considerations.

    Phone Line Changes

    September, 2011

    Due to ever-rising costs and lack of use, the current executive board decided to cancel the current 'house phone' line to the house. While (573)-426-3082 will no longer be in service, the Sage's Phone, at (573)-426-3084, will remain in place for alumni to call.

    New Members

    New Initiates

    • AI 1036 Jake Black
    • AI 1037 Mike Drewel
    • AI 1038 Brett Eckelkamp
    • AI 1039 Greg Failes
    • AI 1040 Issac Hicks
    • AI 1041 Thomas Knight
    • AI 1042 Sam Meyers
    • AI 1043 Tyler Sundell
    • AI 1044 Austin Willis
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