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Find out what the Society Of Manufacturing Engineers has To offer. This Professional organization seeks To enhance the Field of Manufacturing Engineering and

Train future leaders in manufacturing related areas. Benefits include professional networking, scholarship opportunities, and opportunities to increase knowledge of manufacturing processes and technologies through plant tours, guest speakers and much more. Membership and officer positions are open to interested students of all majors. Please look us up on Facebook for details (facebook.com/smemst).

Informational Meeting

The American Society for Engineering Management and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers are hosting this workshop to teach students the fundamentals of lean manufacturing. Dr. Elizabeth Cudney, Ph.D.–Missouri University of Science & Technology teaches concepts of lean manufacturing, after which students use this new knowledge in hands-on experiments. Please look us up on Facebook for details (facebook.com/smemst).

Lean Seminar

Sponsored  by  the  Manufacturing  Engineering  Program  &   Missouri  S&T  SME  Student  


The  Society  of  Manufacturing  Engineers  is  

providing  an  opportunity  to   tour  the  General  Motors  Assembly  Plant  in  Wentzville,  

Missouri. The   tour  will  oversee  production  of  various  Full  Size  Vans,  including  a   stamping  facility  for  body  parts  used  on  the  Chevy  

Express  and  GMC   Savana. Please look us up on Facebook for details (facebook.com/smemst).

GM Plant Tour

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

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