Code of Ethics


Why Triangle Fraternity at Missouri S&T

Stand Out: Triangle is the only North American Social Fraternity exclusively for men majoring in engineering, architecture, and the sciences. Undergraduates have the opportunity to create exactly what they want out of their fraternal experience - Triangle affords membership to a targeted audience. Our research shows most of our members don't consider joining a fraternity at first.

Values Based Selection: Just as top-ranked colleges are discerning in their admissions, so is Triangle at Missouri S&T - we are highly selective when we tap men for membership. Triangle is looking for:

Truth: Men who value honesty and integrity.
Friendship: Men who seek life-long personal relationship.
Scholarship: Men who strive for superior academic standing.
Balance: Men who have interest outside their studies.
Leadership: Men who are unsatisfied with 'status-quo'.

Career Networking: Networking, networking, networking! Joining Triangle means you've gained access to 15,000 living alumni. Triangle offers a unique opportunity for professional development.

Academic Support: Over $33,500 in individual scholarships alone were awarded to undergraduate members last year by the Triangle Education Foundation. The Missouri S&T chapter also offers several freshman scholarships.

Leadership: Joining a smaller sized fraternity is like being hired by a smaller sized company, it has all the benefits of a bigger one but with more leadership opportunities.

807 N. State St.
Rolla, MO 65401