Trap and skeet is one of the safest sports that you can participate in, even though the use of guns and live ammunition is involved. This is due to fact that trap and skeet shooters are very safe gun handlers. The following safety rules have been adopted by the Missouri S&T Trap and Skeet Team to inform new shooters and remind experienced shooters how to be safe on the range. Safety is the responsibility of every member of the club, so if you see someone is not following good safety practices, please politely remind them. Chances are that they are not even aware of what they are doing. Remember that the best way to be safe is to be aware of your surroundings and use common sense. Be safe and have FUN!

1) ALL persons on a trap or skeet range are required to wear eye AND ear protection. This includes but is not limited to shooters, referees, and trap help.

2) No gun shall be loaded until the shooter is on the shooting station (in the white box). Loading is considered as putting any part of a loaded shell in any part of the gun.

3) Always stand in a group behind the shooting station that is being used.  Never walk to the side of or in front of the shooter. If you have to walk somewhere, notify the shooter and make sure guns are unloaded.

4) All guns, loaded or unloaded, shall be kept pointed in a direction that will not endanger the lives of any person.

5) When not on the shooting station, all guns shall be carried with the action open. Pumps and automatics will have the bolt open. Fixed breech guns (including double barrels) will be broken open. Keep the muzzle away from obstructions. Keep the muzzle off of the ground.

6) If a delay occurs when a shooter is on a shooting station, ready to shoot, the breach of the gun shall be opened and all shells extracted.

7) During the shooting of single targets in skeet, two shells may be loaded except at station 8, only one shell is to be loaded at a time.

8) The loading of more than two shells in the gun shall not be allowed at any time.

9) A gun may not be used if it will accept more than one gauge of shells at the same time.

10) Pick up your empty shells if they are AA.

11) Use of a gun with a "release type trigger" is strongly discouraged. Any person who elects to use a gun of this type must notify ALL shooters in his or her squad.

12) Shooters shall not intentionally fire a second time at the same target.

13) Consumption of alcohol is not permitted at any official club function. No person who is under the influence of ANY intoxicating substance may shoot. This includes but is not limited to alcohol, IN ANY AMOUNT.

14) Should any person knowingly and repeatedly violate club safety rules, all officers present shall discuss the matter and reach a decision as the action to be taken.

15) Each person who shoots with the club shall read the safety rules of the club, initial each rule, and sign stating that he or she understands the club rules and agrees to follow them.

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