Physics 1135 (Engineering Physics I)

Lecture 2: One-dimensional Kinematics

Objectives: In this lecture, students will learn to
  • infer the shape of position-time and velocity-time graphs for constant acceleration
  • derive equations for describing motion under constant acceleration
  • recognize free-fall as an example for constant acceleration
  • develop a technique for problem solving
  • apply the technique to example problems
Lecture Notes: Videos:

Introduction lec02_1.mp4
Equations for constant acceleration lec02_2.mp4 with captions
Free fall lec02_3.mp4 with captions
Apollo 15
Courtesy of NASA
Feather & Hammer Drop
Example problem: part a lec02_4.mp4 with captions
Example problem: part b lec02_5.mp4 with captions
Example problem: part c lec02_6.mp4 with captions


Free fall: feather and bowling ball in vacuum chamber Link

Homework assignment: HW #2