Physics 1135 (Engineering Physics I)

Lecture 6: Newton's Third Law

Objectives: In this lecture, students will learn to
  • formulate Newton's 3rd law
  • identify action-reaction pairs
  • construct an appropriate coordinate system for motion along an inclined plane
  • apply Newton's 2nd law to problems with coupled objects
Lecture Notes: Videos:
A version with captions is now available for select videos.

Introduction lec06_1.mp4
Newton's 3rd law lec06_2.mp4 with captions
Example: action-reaction pairs lec06_3.mp4 with captions
Object on inclined plane lec06_4.mp4 with captions
Example problem with coupled objects lec06_5.mp4 with captions


Additional example problem lec06_6.mp4 with captions

Homework assignment: HW #6