Physics 1135 (Engineering Physics I)

Lecture 11: Potential Energy

Objectives: In this lecture, students will learn to
  • distinguish between conservative and non-conservative forces
  • relate force to potential energy
  • construct an expression for the potential energy associated with a force
  • define the total mechanical energy
  • relate the chance in total mechanical energy to the work done by forces not included in potential energies
  • apply energy conservation to example problems
Lecture Notes: Videos:

Introduction lec11_1.mp4 with captions
Conservative and non- conservative forces lec11_2.mp4 with captions
Potential energy lec11_3.mp4 with captions
Total mechanical energy lec11_4.mp4 with captions
Example 1: one object lec11_5.mp4 with captions
Example 2: coupled objects lec11_6.mp4 with captions


Additional example problem Video.mp4 with captions

Homework assignment: HW #11