Physics 1335 (Engineering Physics I)

Lecture 13: Universal gravitation

Objectives: In this lecture, students will learn to
  • state Kepler's Laws of planetary motion
  • formulate Newton's law of universal gravitation
  • relate the free-fall acceleration to mass and radius of a celestial body
  • explain satellite motion in terms of circular motion under the influence of gravity
  • derive Kepler's 3rd law for a circular orbit
Lecture Notes: Videos:

Introduction lec13_1.mp4
History and Kepler's Laws of planetary motion lec13_2.mp4 with captions
Kepler's Laws Simulation lec13_3.mp4 with captions
Newton's law of Universal Gravitation lec13_4.mp4 with captions
Free-fall acceleration lec13_5.mp4 with captions
Satellite motion and Kepler's 3rd law lec13_6.mp4 with captions
Breaking News:
Nobel Prize in Physics 2017 for
observation of Gravitional Waves
Powerpoint slides with many links
2 minute video explanation
of principle of LIGO detector (mp4)
For your interest: Einstein's Messengers (mp4)
20 minute video by the NSF

Homework assignment: HW #13