Physics 1135 (Engineering Physics I)

Course Home Spring 2019

Course information:

Course coordinator: Dr. Agnes Vojta

The Physics 1135 instructor team:
Mr. Peacher, Dr. Medvedeva, Mr. Lay, Dr. Vojta,
Mr. Summers, Dr. Schulz, Dr. Chernatynskiy
Required Materials:
  • Textbook: University Physics (13th edition) by H.D. Young & R.A. Freedman, Vol. 1 (Ch. 1-20).
    We have chosen an older edition because we want to keep textbooks affordable for you.
    You may also use the 11th or 12th edition
    (make sure section numbers correlate to reading assignments).
    Mastering Physics Access is not required.
  • Laboratory Manual; purchase at Physics Department Office 102 Physics ($25).

Course Learning assistance: