Chi Alpha Campus Ministeries

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The best way to stay up to date on our events is by connecting to us by email or monitoring our Facebook page.  A description of our recurring events is below.

Regular Events

  • Encounter Worship
    Worship/Prayer Meeting
    At Encounter students have an engaging atmosphere to worship God as they see fit. While simmilar to many church services, Encounter is much less formal. Service includes music, devotion, quiet time for prayer and fellowship, and is held in Bertelsmeyer Hall's Room B12 from 7:00 to 8:00 PM on Wendesdays when school is in session.
  • Small Groups
    Connecting Through Meaningful Interaction
    Small groups meet to dig deeper in God's Word while strengthening bonds with other Christians.  We currently have two small groups, whose meeting times/locations can be found by contacting their respective leaders.
  • Fellowship Events
    Fun and Freedom in Christ
    Fellowship nights are as varied as our members! Recently we have been bowling Wendsday nights, but we are always open to suggestions. This is a great sress reliever.

Contact us for more details, including dates and times.