Mesoscopic Electromagnetic Transport in Inhomogeneous Systems
METIS (Μῆτις) group

Alexey Yamilov  
Dr. Alexey Yamilov CV
Associate Professor

Department of Physics
Missouri University of Science and Technology(Missouri S&T)
1315 N. Pine St, Rolla, MO 65409-06403
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Past & current semesters:

Classical Optics 323 (2005 Fall; 2007 Fall, 2010 Fall, 2012 Fall, 2014 Fall)
Textbook: “Introduction to Optics”, by F. L. Pedrotti and L. S. Pedrotti, Prentice Hall, NJ (2007) third edition. ISBN 0-13-149933-5
Meeting time
: 9:00-9:50am on Mo/We/Fr

Covered topics: Ray optics, Lenses and Optical Components, Aberrations, Interference, Fresnel/Fraunhofer Diffraction
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Transport in Nanostructures 301 (2009 Spring, 2011 Fall, 2013 Fall)
“Introduction to Nanoscale Science and Technology”
Di Ventra, Evoy, Heflin (Eds.) 2004, 632 p. ISBN: 978-1-4020-7720-3
Occasionally, additional reading materials may be distributed
Topics covered in the course:
I: Nanoscale Fabrication and Characterization.
1. Nanolithography
2. Self-Assembly and Self-Organization
3. Scanning Probe Microscopes
II: Nanomaterials and Nanostructures.
4. The Geometry of Nanoscale Carbon
5. Fullerenes
6. Carbon Nanotubes
7. Quantum Dots
8. Nanocomposites
III: Nanoscale and Molecular Electronics
9. Advances In Microelectronics
10. Molecular Electronics
11. Single Electron Transistors
IV: Nanotechnology in Magnetic Systems
12. Nanostructures For Quantum Computation
13. Magnetoresistive Materials And Devices
14. Nanotechnology In Magnetic Storage
VI: Nanoscale Optoelectronics.
18. Quantum-Confined Optoelectronic Systems
19. Organic Optoelectronic Nanostructures
20. Photonic Crystals
Modern Physics 207 (2010-2016 Spring)
Textbook: “Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers”, by S. T. Thornton, A. Rex, Brooks/Cole, (2012) forth edition. 
Meeting time
: 9:00-9:50am on Mo/We/Fr

Covered topics: Special Theory of Relativity, Quantum Theory, Structure of the Atom, Atomic Physics, Statistical Physics, Overview of Physical Properties of Molecules and Solids
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Introduction to Mesoscopic Physics: Selected Topics (2010 Spring)
Select topcics from:
“Mesoscopic Physics of Electrons and Photons,”
    E. Akkermans and G. Montambaux, (Cambridge 2007)
“Introduction to Mesoscopic Physics,”
    Y. Imry, 2nd Ed., (Oxford, 2002)
“Electronic Transport in Mesoscopic Systems,”
    S. Datta, (Cambridge, 1995)
“Fundamentals of the Theory of Metals,”
    A. A. Abrikosov, (North Holland 1988)
“Transport in Nanostructures,”
    D. Ferry, S. Goodnick, J. Bird, 2nd Ed., (Cambridge 2009)
Covered topics:
1. Interference and disorder
2. Aharonov-Bohm effect
3. Sharvin2 experiment and coherent back-scattering
4. Universal conductance fluctuations
5. Quantum crossings
6. Non-local correlations
7. Scaling theory of Anderson localization.
8. Anderson localization in magnetic fields
9. Integer quantum Hall effect
Engenering Physics 23 (2006 Spring and Fall; 2007 Spring; 2008, Spring and Fall, 2009 Fall)
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