Courses Taught in Wichita State University and Missouri University of Science and Technology


1.            Petroleum Geology (Missouri S&T)

2.            Advanced Stratigraphy and Basin Analysis (Missouri S&T)

3.            Terrigenous Clastic Depositional Systems (Wichita State and Missouri S&T)

4.            Sedimentology (Wichita State)

5.            Paleoclimatology (Wichita State)

6.            Cyclic Sedimentation (Wichita State)

7.            Chinese Summer Field Geology a joint field course among Wichita State University, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, Guizhou University, and Northwestern University, China. (Wichita State, to be planned for summer of 2012 in Missouri S&T)

8.            Kansas and Oklahoma Pennsylvanian Sequence Stratigraphy (Wichita State)

9.            Physical Geology (Wichita State)

10.        Environmental Geology (Wichita State)

11.        Earth Science Instructional Methods (Wichita State)

12.        Independent Study (Wichita State and Missouri S&T)

13.        Research in Geology (Wichita State and Missouri S&T)

14.        Thesis (Wichita State and Missouri S&T)