Nanoscale Optics Laboratory














Principle Investigator


Xiaodong Yang, Associate Professor

ONR Young Investigator Award (2016)
NSF CAREER Award (2016)
Dean's Scholar Award (2016)
University Faculty Research Award (2016)
3M Faculty Award (2015)
Ralph E. Powe Faculty Award (2012)


Postdoc. University of California, Berkeley 2009-2011

Ph.D. Columbia University 2009
M.Sc. Chinese Academy of Sciences 2003
B.Sc. University of Science and Technology of China 2000


Phone: (573) 341-6273








Wei Cao


Ph.D. Oklahoma State University 2014

M.E. Tianjin University 2009

B.E. Tianjin University 2007


Phone: (573) 341-7591







Weiwei Liu


Ph.D. University of Science and Technology of China 2016

B.Sc. Hefei University of Technology 2010


Phone: (573) 341-7591







Yuchao Zhang


Ph.D. Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 2014

B.Sc. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications 2009


Phone: (573) 341-7591







Yang Chen


Ph.D. University of Science and Technology of China 2016

B.Sc. University of Science and Technology of China 2010


Phone: (573) 341-7591







Marjan Akbari


Ph.D. Tohoku University 2017

M.Sc. Tohoku University 2014

B.Sc. Shiraz University 2007


Phone: (573) 341-7591








Huixu Deng


Ph.D. Candidate
B.E. Huazhong University of Science and Technology 2011


Phone: (573) 341-7591






Leixin Ouyang


Ph.D. Candidate

M.Sc. Hunan University 2016
B.Sc. Hunan University 2013


Phone: (573) 341-7591










Zhaofeng Li 

Postdoctoral Scholar 2014-2015, now Associate Professor at Institute of Semiconductor, Chinese Academy of Sciences 



Tao Geng 

Postdoctoral Scholar 2013-2014, now Associate Professor at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology 



Lei Sun 

Postdoctoral Scholar 2012-2016, now Assistant Professor at Shenzhen University, China



Ling Li 

Postdoctoral Scholar 2014-2017, now Scientist at China Academy of Engineering Physics, China



Jinwei Zeng 

Postdoctoral Scholar 2014-2016



Weiwei Wan 

Postdoctoral Scholar 2015-2016



Fei Cheng 

Postdoctoral Scholar 2013-2015



Junying Huang 

Visiting Scholar 2014



Yingran He 

Visiting Ph.D. Student 2011-2012, Zhejiang University 



Eddie Lilako  

Undergraduate Student 2013-2014   



Shixuan Meng  

Undergraduate Student 2012-2013   



An Do  

Undergraduate Student 2013   

Kyle Merrick 

Undergraduate Student 2013 

Arpan Das 

Summer Research Academy Student 2016 

Jixiang Zhao

Summer Research High School Student 2015 

Asier Galvan Sotelo 

Summer Research Academy Student 2013 



Rayvant Kohli 

Summer Research Academy Student 2012