Zhaozheng Yin
Assistant Professor
Daniel St. Clair Fellow, Department of Computer Science

Dean’s Scholar, College of Engineering and Computing
Missouri University of Science and Technology
(formerly the University of Missouri – Rolla)

Office: 303 Engineering Research Lab Building
Phone: 573-341-6266 (O)


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Short bio:


Zhaozheng Yin received his PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from Penn State in 2009, advised by Prof. Robert Collins, and received his Master and Bachelor degrees in University of Wisconsin-Madison and Tsinghua University where he worked with Prof. Yu Hen Hu and Prof. Li Cao, respectively. During his PhD study, he had summer internship with Dr. Cha Zhang (MSR) and Prof. Fatih Porikli (MERL). He also worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Carnegie Mellon University, in the Robotics Institute with Prof. Takeo Kanade during 2009-2011. Zhaozheng Yin has held his current position as Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Missouri S&T since September 2011. He is a recipient of CVPR Best Doctoral Spotlight Award (2009), MICCAI Young Scientist Award (2012, finalist in 2015 and 2010), NSF CAREER Award (2014), Department Outstanding Junior Faculty Research Award (2014) and Missouri S&T Faculty Research Award (2014), Best Paper Award of CVPR Workshop on Understanding Hands in Actions (2015). He is a Daniel St. Clair Faculty Fellow in the Computer Science department since 2015, and a Dean’s Scholar in the College of Engineering and Computing since 2016. He was an Area Chair of MICCAI2015, WACV2016 and CVPR2017.




Two Ph.D. student positions are available in Yin’s Lab starting from Fall 2017.




·         January 2017: Wenchao Jiang defended his Ph.D. thesis and he will join Google. Congratulations!

·         January 2017: Welcome Md. Moniruzzaman (new Ph.D. student) to join us!

·         January 2017: One paper on vesicle detection based on deep learning was accepted by ISBI 2017.


·         December 2016: A University Transportation Center focusing on robotic bridge inspection was funded by DoT ($1.4M/year, 5 years). PI: Chen; Co-Is: Long, Yin, Qin, Zoughi, Myers, Sneed, Elgawady and Ma.

·         November 2017: One paper on ant tracking was accepted by Insect Science!

·         November 2016: Yin will be an Area Chair of CVPR 2017.

·         October 2016: Yin received the title of Dean’s Scholar from College of Engineering and Computing.

·         August 2016: NSF CPS Synergy project was awarded. $505k. 2017-2020. PI: Yin; Co-PIs: Leu and Qin.

·         July 2016: One paper on Graph-based Semi-supervised Learning was accepted by ECCV 2016.

·         June 2016: One paper on Hierarchical-CNN for cell event detection was accepted by MICCAI 2016.

·         May 2016: Mingzhong Li defended his Ph.D. thesis and he will join Google. Congratulations!

·         May 2016: Srinivas Thandu defended his Ph.D. thesis and he will join Object Computing. Congratulations!

·         May 2016: Yunxiang Mao will go to Siemens for research intern. Congratulations!

·         April 2016:

        Srinivas Thandu won the 2nd Best Paper Award in the Intelligent System Center graduate research symposium.

        Mingzhong Li won the 3rd Best Poster Award in the research poster competition of Computer Science.

        Yunxiang Mao won the Best Poster Award in the research poster competition of Computer Science.

        Congratulations to all!

·         April 2016: The paper on seeing the invisible in DIC microscopy images was accepted by Medical Image Analysis (MedIA) journal.

·         January 2016: Welcome Haohan Li (new Ph.D. student) to join us!


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