Archived old news:


·         Dec 2015: Yin will co-chair the CVPR Workshop on Microscopy Image Analysis (CVMicro) in 2016.

·         Dec 2015: One paper on Cell Segmentation using Multi-Exposed Microscopy Images was accepted by ISBI 2016.

·         Oct 2015: One paper on sample selection for training the DCNN was accepted by WACV 2016.

·         Oct 2015: One paper on interactive cell segmentation was accepted by IEEE Trans. on Medical Imaging (TMI).

·         Oct 2015: Wenchao’s paper on seeing the invisible in DIC microscopy was in the Young Scientist Award Finalist of MICCAI 2015!

·         Sep 2015: Welcome the new research assistants! Ph.D. students: Xianglong Feng, Liang Han, and Srinivas Thandu; M.S. students: Wendy Chen, and Ayushi Mathur; Undergraduate student: Jieyi Hu.

·         August 2015: Yin was selected as an Area Chair of WACV 2016.

·         August 2015: One paper on human tracking using wearable sensors in the pocket was accepted by GlobalSIP 2015.

                        One paper on locating explosion event using smartphones was accepted by WiMob 2015.

                        One paper on vesicle fusion event detection and classification was accepted by MICCAI-CMMI 2015.

·         July 2015: Yin was named as the Daniel St. Clair Fellow in the Computer Science department.

·         July 2015: One paper on human activity recognition via smartphone sensors using Deep Learning was accepted by ACM Multimedia 2015.

·         June 2015: Our paper on American Sign Language recognition using Microsoft Kinect won the Best Paper Award in CVPR workshop on understanding hands (Hands) 2015!

·         May 2015: Mingzhong Li will go to Siemens for research intern.

                    Wenchao Jiang will go to Intuitive Surgical for research intern.

                    Have a productive summer!

·         May 2015: Two papers on fusing visual and smartphone sensor signals were accepted by FUSION 2015.

·         April 2015: Two papers on microscopy image restoration were accepted by MICCAI 2015.

·         April 2015: NSF REU project was funded. $16k. 2015-2016. Welcome Hunter Park and Hannah Goodman as the undergraduate researchers.

·         April 2015: One paper on Cell-sensitive Imaging by Multi-exposures was accepted by Medical Image Analysis (MedIA) journal.

·         Mar 2015: One paper on Active Learning was accepted by CVPR 2015

·         Jan 2015: Yin was selected into the program committee of MICCAI 2015.

·         Jan 2015: One paper on using Deep Learning to detect Circulating Tumor Cells was accepted by ISBI 2015.

·         Jan 2015: Yunxiang Mao and Yin attended the NSF I-Corps kick-off workshop in the Bay Area.

·         Jan 2015: Yunxiang Mao attended WACV 2015 in Hawaii to present our paper.

·         Jan 2015: NSF I-Corps project was funded. $50k. 2015. Yin is the PI and Yunxiang is the entrepreneurial lead.


·         Dec 2014: Yin received Faculty Research Award from Missouri S&T.

·         Nov 2014: Mingzhong Li presented our paper in ACCV 2014 workshop on User-Centred Computer Vision (UCCV).

·         Oct 2014: Yin received Outstanding Junior Faculty Research Award from the department.

·         Sep 2014: Yin attended MICCAI 2014 to present our paper.

·         Aug 2014: NSF EPSCoR project was funded. $20,000,000 (my share: $661k). 2014-2019.

·         July 2014: Yunxiang Mao attended the Doctoral Consortium at ICME 2014 in Chengdu and presented our paper.

·         May 2014: Yin received NSF Career Award. $488k. 2014-2019.