Media exposure:


         KRCG TV News: Humans vs. Machines: A Loophole in the Law

         S&T News: Robotic bridge inspection, preservation is focus of new transportation center

         S&T News: 16 important research stories of 2016


Insect Science

         HR Grapevine: 3 Work-life Lessons Taught by Ants

         Paste Magazine: Even Ants Have a Work-Life Balance. Shouldnít We?

         S&T News: S&T researchers suggest ants need work-life balance to survive


Face recognition applications:

         Communications of the ACM: Feds creating facial recognition app to track college classroom attendance

         The Washington Free Beacon: Feds Creating Smartphone App to Make Sure Kids Donít Skip Class†††††††

         Planet Biometrics: Science foundation proposes face recognition for class attendance

         Biometric Update: NSF to fund automatic attendance check system that uses smartphone camera

         Big Health Report: Feds Creating Facial Recognition App to Make Sure Kids Don't Skip Class

         Fox: Federal grant paying for app that would catch college kids who skip class

         Fast Company magazine: Itíll be a lot harder to cut class with this classroom facial-recognition app

         S&T News: Smartphone app tracks studentsí class attendance automatically

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         TV (KOLR10): Professor and Students Build "Multicopter" to Inspect Bridges

         Radio (KBIA): Missouri S&T wants to use drones to inspect bridges

         AZO Robotics: Radio-Controlled Multicopter Effectively Monitors Bridges for Structural Damage

         Communications of the ACM: Multicopter' Hovercraft Improves Structure Monitoring

         S&T News: S&T professorís Ďmulticopterí improves structure monitoring

         S&T News: 13 important research stories of 2013


EPSCoR grant:

         EPSCoR Missouri: Crossing Engineering with Plant Sciences Leads to Comprehensive Research

         S&T News: Missouri S&T receives NSF funding to study climate variability

         S&T News: 14 important research stories of 2014


CAREER grant:

         S&T News: CAREER project