Selected Projects:

Biomedical Image Analysis

         Optics-oriented microscopy image analysis (Project page)
(Please also refer to the publication page for a complete list of papers and demos.)

         Track fruit flies from the birth to the death (Project page)

Visual Sensing

         Noncontact visual sensing for structure health monitoring (Project page)

Active Vision

         Active tracking
1. Detect pedestrians from the copter in the air

2. Track pedestrians from the copter in the air

3. Copter positioning in GPS-denied environment

4. Stability control

         Multicopter development for bridge inspection News broadcast

         Omnidirectional Ground Robot for Indoor localization and navigation (In-progress)

Visual Plus (other signals)

         Attack vision problem with the aid from other signals
1. GUI to retrieve and fuse multiple types of cellphone sensor signals

2. Indoor localization without GPS by matching images tagged by sensor signals