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Delbert E. Day

Curators' Professor of Ceramic Engineering
and Senior Research Investigator
Graduate Center for Materials Research
University of Missouri-Rolla
Rolla, MO 65409-1170 
Phone: (573) 341-4354
Fax: (573) 341-2071
E-mail: day@umr.edu

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Glass --

Structure/Property Relationships
Chemical Durability
Mass Transport
Production & Application of Special Glass Microspheres & Glass Fibers

Nuclear Waste Disposal --

Vitrification of Waste with Iron Phosphate Glasses


High Strength Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites of
High Optical Transparency

Bio-Materials / Biological Uses of Glass

Development and Properties of Biodegradable, Bioactive and Bioinert Glasses for In-Vivo Applications -- Glass Microspheres for the In-Vivo Irradiation of Malignant Tumors (Liver and Kidney Cancer)

Solid Waste Recycling --

    Glasphalt -- Use of Waste Glass in Bituminous Paving


Author or coauthor of 318 technical publications, editor of 3 technical books, and holder of 44 U.S and foreign patents (3 U.S. and 3 foreign patents pending).

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American Ceramic Society, Past President, 1995-96

Consultant to state and federal agencies and to private industry in the field of glass, refractories, biomaterials, new product development, production methods and product behavior.

Expert witness for patent infringement, glass failure analysis and performance of glass products.
President of Mo-Sci Corp a manufacturer of special prupose glass microspheres, fibers and frot.
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  Structure and Properties of Oxide Glasses
  Glass Melting and Manufacture
  Glass to Metal Seals
  Crystal Chemistry and Crystal Structure