Welcome to the website of the Westenberg Lab in the Department of Biological Sciences at Missouri S&T. Our lab focuses on plant-microbe interactions, particularly the symbiosis between Bradyrhizobium japonicum and its host Glycine max (soybean). We are also studying the various roles of soil microorganisms in phytoremediation with Dr. Joel Burken in Environmental Engineering. We are helping other colleagues in Civil Engineering to study the physical and chemical properties of soil. We are working with Dr. Hongyan Ma using microbes for recycling concrete fines and with Dr. Wen Deng using microbes to stabilize soil architecture. We have also had long running collaborations with Dr. Delbert Day and Dr. DIck Brow in materials science investigating the antibacterial properties of bioactive glass and with Dr. Shubhen Kapila in chemistry to study the antibacterial properties of oil smoke vapors. Newer projects include collaborations with Dr. Honglan Shi in chemistry to study the interaction of heavy metals with microbes and with Dr. Chang Soo Kim in electrical engineering to use rhizobox technology to study root strength

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Undergraduate Research in the Westenberg lab is on FYRE.            

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We are located in Rooms 202/203 Schrenk Hall on the Missouri S&T Campus

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