Alliance for Advanced Coatings Research

Do you want to improve the performance of the coatings application part of your business through access to the latest coatings application technology, coatings products, and custom research and development on coatings? If so, you will want to discover the valuable resources we have combined to provide a unique affordable service.

The Alliance for Advanced Coatings Research has been established in Rolla, Missouri, to provide the following services:

  • Develop Coatings Products
  • Laboratory Testing of Coatings Materials
  • Access to Specific Environmentally Safe Coatings
  • Timely consultation on Coating Problems
  • The Alliance for Advanced Coatings Research is a not-for-profit, state-of-the-art polymer and coatings technology development and transfer facility forged in collaboration with the University of Missouri-Rolla and the coatings industry.

    About the Alliance.
    Alliance Associates.

    For more information, please fill out our form or contact:
    Dr. Harvest Collier
    710 W. 14th Street
    Rolla, MO 65401
    (314) 341-4390
    E-mail at: hcollier

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