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Michael G. Hilgers PhD CQF

Professor, IST



Welcome to my home page.  Within these pages you will learn about the courses I teach, the research I perform, and many of my passions in life. 


If you are a current student, I use Blackboard to manage my classes. It has all of the current assignments and course documents.  If you are considering taking my classes, the syllabii will give you a sample of what to expect as well as many of the resources I provide.


In terms of my research projects, my primary interest is modeling and simulation as applied to business analytics and data science.  I have had funded research in a range of modeling topics including: mechanics of thin materials, virtual reality research to provide training for first responders and miners as well as learning system development with applications in geospatial information systems.  My current research interest is in the using combinatorics in modeling information visualization.



Business & Information Technology

Missouri University of Science and Technology

101 Fulton Hall
1870 Miner Circle
Rolla, MO 65409
(573) 341-4184

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Michael G. Hilgers

Department of Business & Information Technology

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Email: hilgers@mst.edu


Michael G. Hilgers PhD CQF

Business and Information Technology