KOINONIA  (pronounced coin-oh-knee-uh) is the Greek word for "fellowship" and descriptive of our goal!  We are the student representatives of the Church of Christ on the University of Missouri --Rolla (UMR) campus. 

All students need support throughout their college years.  While God provides the "family", we provide the facility!  Through
bible studies, activities, and support of church family, Koinonia helps collegians mature in Christ so that they may become " The Light of the World!" 

















"...The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;"
                  2 Samuel 22:2



































Christian Student Center

102 W 12th Street, Rolla MO 65401

Phone: 573-308-0026

Email: koinonia@umr.edu











































Campus Advisor: Cawlfield, Jeffrey

Email: jdc@umr.edu

Minister: George Hulett

Email: George@homeofthesoul.org

Email: auri@homeofthesoul.org Phone: (573) 364-3488


Rolla Church of Christ

Hwy. E. 1303 Nagogami Rd., Rolla, MO  65401