J. Bronowski

``Criticism of science that I hear comes from people who have really made no attempt to grapple with it. So I think of [sic] little of it as I think of Jeremy Bentham's disdain for poetry, since I know that, though he was a great man, he did not understand what poetry is about. If a man criticizes science, and it turns out that he does not know a quantum from a quantifier, I am bound to say, `When your guru has taught you how to solve linear differential equations, I will listen to you.' I am sorry if that sounds high-handed. But man did not get where he is by cutting out the hard intellectual work, and drawing his judgments from the pit of his stomach.''

__from George Derfer, Science, Poetry and "Human Specificity" An Interview with J. Bronowski, The American Scholar, Vol. 43, No. 3 (Summer, 1974), pp. 386-404.