Blaise Pascal

"For geometers and all those who proceed scientifically impose names on things only for concission of discourse and not to impoverish or alter the idea of the subjects of discourse. And they expect the mind always to supplement with the whole definition the short terms, which they use only to avoid the confusion caused by a multitude of words.

"Nothing acts more quickly and more effectively against the surprise attacks of captious sophists than this method, which we must always have ready for use, and which alone suffices to banish every kind of difficulty and equivocation.

"Those who willl not be satisfied with these reasons and continue in the belief that space is not infinitely divisible can never aspire to geometrical demonstrations, and although they may be enlightened in other things, they will have very little light in these, for it is easy to be a very clever man though a bad geometer."

__Blaise Pascal in "On Geometrical Demonstration"