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Text Box: History of Omega Chi Epsilon
Omega Chi Epsilon, honor society in chemical engineering, was founded at the University of Illinois in the spring of 1931 by a group of graduate students with the counsel of Professors D. B. Keys and Norman Krase. Its original object or purpose, namely, "recognition and promotion of high scholarship, original investigation, professional service in chemical engineering" has remained unchanged over the years. 
An annual meeting is held at the time and in the same city with the annual business meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. This is for convenience since there is no connection, actual or implied, between the two organizations. 
The national officers are president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer; these, together with the immediate past president, comprise the Officers' Council. National officers are elected in the spring of even numbered years, serve two year terms, and are eligible for reelection. General oversight of and direction to policies under which the society operates are set by the Executive Committee, which consists of the national officers acting together with the faculty advisors and presidents of each local chapter. Each chapter retains essentially full autonomy in direction of program and growth; its only responsibility to the national organization is to stay within the bounds of the constitution and broad policies set by the Executive Committee. 
The badge, or symbol, consists of a black maltese cross background upon which is superimposed a circular crest. The crest bears the letters Omega Chi Epsilon on a white band across a horizontal diameter. Above the white band are two crossed retorts in gold on a background of maroon. Below the white band, also on a background of maroon, are gold figures symbolic of mathematics and physics, respectively. The colors of the society are turkey red and white. 
The society publication, known as the OMEGA CHI EPSILON NEWSLETTER, is distributed semi-annually on April 1 and November 1. It contains articles about local chapters, suggestions for better chapter operations, and news from the national office. 
Since its inception in 1931, Omega Chi Epsilon has chartered 40 chapters in colleges and universities across the nation. 

Local History of Omega Chi Epsilon 
The idea of starting a chapter of Omega Chi Epsilon at UMR first began in late 1971. Some students contacted the national secretary to obtain more information about the organization. This was as far as the idea went until October, 1973, when several students and faculty members began making concrete plans for establishing a chapter of Omega Chi Epsilon before the school year was over. By the end of November, the local group, known as Omega Chi, was having regular meetings, had submitted their chapter bylaws to the university and Omega Chi Epsilon national for approval , and was beginning to prepare a formal petition for membership in the honor society. In January, the by-laws were approved by the university and the national office, and on February 22, 1974 the petition was received by the national headquarters and sent to existing chapters for their approval. On April 17, the news was received that the charter petition had been approved and all that remained was the formal installation ceremony. The local organization officially became Omega Chapter of Omega Chi Epsilon on May 2, 1974. The national Executive Secretary, Dr. Edward O. Eisen, personally presented the charter to the 4 faculty members, 3 graduate students, and 12 undergraduates -- the charter members of our Chapter. 
The first President of Omega Chapter was Neal A. Lewis. The faculty advisor was Dr. Bruce E. Poling. Through the years, Omega Chapter has honored over 200 outstanding chemical engineering students. 


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