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Dr. Rohit Dua, PhD

Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology/ Missouri State University Cooperative Engineering Program


Career Goals:

·        To incorporate innovative teaching methodologies to enhance student learning and experience.

·        To teach a variety of engineering courses in different emphasis areas.

·        To develop undergraduate research program that incorporates learning components.

·        To motivate students to go beyond the standard curriculum so as to enhance their educational experience and better prepare them for their anticipated industry job.

·        To develop inventive learning tools for K-12 children so as to expose them to the exciting world of engineering.


Courses Taught:

·        Circuits I

o   Circuits I Lab

·        Circuits II

o   Circuits II Lab

·        Introduction to Electronic Devices

o   Devices Lab

·        Electronics I

o   Electronics I Lab

·        Electronics II

·        Discrete Linear Systems

o   Discrete Linear Systems Lab

·        Continuous Linear Systems

o   Continuous Linear Systems Lab

·        Control Systems

·        Introduction to Computer Engineering

o   Introduction to Computer Engineering Lab

·        Digital Systems Design

Current Active Course Projects: (Click on links below to access individual section webpages.)

·        Introduction to Electronic Devices: Low cost “Blended Learning” implementation.

·        Electronics II: Enhancing learning experience through in-class projects and experiments within the framework of the lecture course.

·        Digital Systems Design: Create your own WIMP51 microprocessor version: An experiment to learn basic computer organization development techniques.

·        Digital Systems Processing: Bridging the gap between Continuous Time (CT) and Discrete Time (DT) signals through Fourier transform methods.

·        Continuous Linear Systems: “HUNT FOR NOISE” Extracting Audio Information from Noisy Environment


K-12 Active Projects:

·        Basic Digital Logic Gates Emulator: A Learning Tool for Kids and Adults


Mini-Projects: Experiential learning based Sophomore level projects


Contact Information:

Rohit Dua, PhD

Assistant Teaching Professor,

Missouri State University,

Department of Engineering, PCTR 2002

901 South National Ave.

Springfield, MO-65897


E-mailL rohitdua@missouristate.edu, rdua@mst.edu

Tel: 417-837-2314