Making the Squash Face Animation

  1. Label the first layer "face" (watch)
  2. Draw a face on the stage (watch)
  3. Convert the face to a symbol (watch)
  4. Make a Key Frame at frame 20 (watch)
  5. Select frame 20 and move the face (watch)
  6. Create a motion tween (watch)
  7. copy the face symbol in frame 20
  8. lock the layer with "face" (watch)
  9. Create a New Layer and name it "squash" (watch)
  10. Make a key frame in frame 20 on the "squash" layer (watch)
  11. make the face invisible in the "face" layer
  12. paste the face object (paste in place) into this frame in the "squash" layer (watch)
  13. break the object apart (watch)
  14. make a key frame in frame 40 of the "squash" layer (watch)
  15. squoosh the face (watch)
  16. create a shape tween between frames 20 and 40 of the "squash" layer (watch)
  17. make a new layer and name it "button"
  18. make a start button in the "button" layer (watch)

*The tutorial animations were created with the freeware program "wink"