Failure of The St. Francis Dam
St. Francis Dam Dam failure William Mulholland landslide dam paleolandslide Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

This colorized photo was taken the day after St. Francis Dam failed.


-St Francis Dam for ASCE Press

-Impacts of the 1928 St. Francis Dam Failure
on Geology, Civil Engineering, and America

-Reassessment Of The St Francis Dam Failure
(.PDF of 112 Slide PowerPoint Presentation On The Failure - 37.3 MB)

Mapping The St. Francis Dam Dam Outburst
Flood With GIS
(.PDF of 29 Slide PowerPoint Presentation - 14 MB)

-Lessons Learned from the St. Francis Dam

(.PDF of article from Geo-Strata Volume 6, Issue 2 (Mar-Apr 2006)- 7 MB)

This colorized photo shows the St. Francis Dam on its day of formal
dedication in May of 1926, almost two years before the failure.

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