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The aim of the RollaMo Yearbook is to preserve the events of each academic year and to convey why each year is important and unique. We, the RollaMo staff, are placed in an important position: we control the memories of 6000+ students attending the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Consequently, attention to detail is vital. We must act, write, and work in a professional manner. We must present our readers with an appealing, accurate, memory-evoking representation of their years here, whether those memories are good or bad. Finally, we must produce a respectable, first-rate publication.

The RollaMo encompasses every facet of life at Missouri S&T: academics, activities, organizations, sports, and student life beyond the university. Because events through Graduation are included, the book is published over the summer and distributed on campus the following Fall. Over 85% of the book is funded by Student Activity Fees, ensuring that the book can be published each year.

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Request a Yearbook


Each year you attend Missouri S&T as a full-time undergraduate student, a portion of your paid tuition - a minimal $9 fee - goes to the Yearbook. That means you are entitled to a copy of a yearbook in some form from a year you have attended as a full-time undergraduate student at no additional cost. However, physical copies are limited so get your copies as soon as you can. Digital copies will be available in the near future (feel free to inquire about that).

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy now!

How to get your copy of the Yearbook


  • Pick up during Senior Photographs in Havener Center. Held each semester (dates announced over the eConnection)
  • Email us with which book you need: rollamo@mst.edu

Past Yearbook Availability


*We no longer have any physical copies available of 2006-07(Vol.101) or 2008-09(Vol.103)

*We have a limited number of 2007-08(Vol.102)

*Please note that yearbooks are pre-paid for by full-time undergraduate students. Therefore we cannot furnish copies to anyone who does not fit into that category. We cannot sell copies to individuals because of that. However, arrangements may be made for copies of yearbooks that are more than five years old [contact us for more information].*

Apply to work with the Yearbook


We're always looking for new talent for the Yearbook. Here is some basic information about we're looking for:

    Who we want:
  • Photographers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Writers
  • Communication skills
    Added Bonuses:
  • Own your own camera (at least 7mp)
  • Own your own Digital SLR camera!
  • Experience with Photo Manipulation Software (the GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, et al)
  • Experience with Vector Graphic Software (InkScape, Adobe Illustrator, et al)
  • Experience with Publication software (Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, et al)

If you fulfill some of the basic requirements, please fill out our application! Submit completed applications to the RollaMo mailbox in the Student Life office, on the second floor of the Havener Center.

RollaMo Employment Application

Who does what in the Yearbook?


  • Editor in Chief: Tegan Brand
  • Managing Editor: Jozi Brennen
  • Greeks Editor: Sarah Kester
  • Student Life Editor: Doriann Krieger
  • Organization Editor: Danny Massa
  • Academics Editor: Adam Bryant
  • Seniors Editor: Mary Ellen D'Angelo
  • Sports Editor: Lorenzo Lewis

Contact us


You have several methods for contacting us. Feel free to use whichever is most convenient for you!

  • Email: rollamo@mst.edu (Preferred)
  • Phone: 636-544-5724
  • Mailbox:

    Rollamo Yearbook
    Student Life
    218 Havener Center
    Missouri University of Science & Technology
    Rolla, MO 65409

  • Walk to our office: 217 Altman Hall, on the corner of 10th Street and State Street
    Staff in office Monday-Thursday 2:00pm-4:00pm

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