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USArray Siting Project in Missouri and Southern Iowa

The project is funded by IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology) to Missouri S&T. A team of students from MST, UMKC, and Missouri State are working in the summer of 2009 to select a total of 43 sites in Missouri and southern Iowa. These sites will be occupied by state-of-the-art earthquake detection instruments (seismographs) for a two-year period starting from 2010.

The USArray project started in 2004 in California and is rolling eastward until it covers the entire US in 2014. Data from the seismic stations will be transmitted in real time to the IRIS data center in Seattle and will be shared by the world's geoscience community to study earthquakes and image the interior structure of the Earth, for the purpose of earthquake hazard mitigation and a significantly improved understanding about the structure, dynamics, and evolution of the Earth.

If you own properties in the circles (click here for the map) and are willing to host a station, please contact Dr. Steve Gao