Selected News Media Reports on Members of Missouri S&T Geophysics

2/21/2023: Dr. Gao was quoted in an Associated Press News Verification Report.

08/29/2022: Gao named interim chair of the Computer Science Department.

12/10/2018: Stephen S. Gao named Curators' Distinguished Teaching Professor at Missouri S&T.

12/04/2018: 34 S&T faculty members honored for outstanding teaching -- Missouri S&T News.

04/19/2018: Dr. Gao received the Governor's Award for Excellence in Teaching.

03/01/2017: Missouri S&T faculty honored for excellence. Missouri S&T NewsWise.

08/26/2016: Experts Available to Discuss Italy Earthquake, Transportation Impact, Seismic Imaging. Missouri S&T NewsWise.

11/24/2015: 41 S&T faculty members honored for outstanding teaching -- Missouri S&T News.

08/28/2015: Missouri S&T scientists study volcanoes, earthquakes - Missouri S&T News

03/04/2015: Missouri S&T software design team wins competition - Missouri S&T News

02/23/2015: Missouri S&T reaches finals of software design competition - Missouri S&T News

12/19/2014: S&T faculty to receive excellence awards -Missouri S&T News

11/19/2014: 36 S&T faculty members honored for outstanding teaching -- Missouri S&T News

12/23/2013: 13 important research stories of 2013 -Missouri S&T News

10/31/2013: 31 S&T faculty honored for outstanding teaching -- Missouri S&T News

08/07/2013: IT helps researchers see their data like never before -- Missouri S&T News and Events.

06/19/2013: Why Is Africa Ripping Apart? Seismic Scan May Tell -- Yahoo News & LiveScience.

11/08/2012: 34 to receive Outstanding Teaching Awards -- eConnection

06/19/2012: Gao honored by peers -- S&T News

03/16/2012: Scientists make discoveries about the ways oceans form --

05/16/2011: S&T researchers get grant to study formation of ocean basins -- Advancing Missouri

12/02/2010: New Chinese campus joins S&T in transfer program

11/04/2010: 34 faculty to receive Outstanding Teaching Awards at S&T

04/15/2010: Gao to present earthquake seminar on Monday -- Missouri S&T eConnection.

03/10/2010: "Clustering" of earthquakes remains issue of debate -- China Daily

03/09/2010: Global earthquake variation and prediction -- Xin Hua News Service (in Simplified Chinese)

02/27/2010: Chile Earthquake: Is Mother Nature Out of Control? --

12/18/2009: Chinese University Joins S&T in Transfer Program

11/06/2009: Faculty members to receive teaching awards

10/26/2009: Shear-wave Splitting Database Featured on Front Page of EarthScope

09/25/2009: Twelve faculty receive tenure, promotions - S&T News

09/08/2009: EarthScope Advances Quake Prediction -- Voice of America

08/09/2009: No daily or weekly pattern to earthquakes in western US -- Science Daily

06/12/2009: Earthquake recording stations to be located in Missouri

03/11/2008: Missouri S&T gets $1.9 million grant for geophysics software

12/13/2006: Using quakes to study crust -- UMR Media Release

07/2001: Geotimes-- 2000 Research Highlights in Seismology

03/18/2001: Monitoring Kansas quakes -- Topeka Capital Journal

12/13/1997: California earthquake seasonal variations -- Science News

09/08/1994: Anisotropy and mantle flow -- Nature's News and Views Section