Awards and recognitions received by graduate students
in the geophysics area advised by Drs. Steve Gao and Kelly Liu (since 2008)

American Association of Petroleum Geologists Imperial Barrel Seismic Interpretation Regional Competition
2014-Abdalla Abdelnabi, Pin Lin, Youqiang Yu: Honorable mention
2012-Brock Aldridge, Bin Yang: Honorable mention
2010-Mellisa Ray, Urna Puresuren: Honorable mention
2009-Uchena Aboaja, Ali Atef, Lamuil Bashir, Hesham Refayee: Honorable mention

China Scholarship Council Graduate Scholarship
2015-Muchen Sun
2014-Lin Liu
2011-Youqiang Yu

Dean's Graduate Educator Award
(Given to about 10 PhD students in the College of Engineering and Computing for being great educators)
2019-Yani Lin
2018-Lin Liu

Dean's PhD Scholar Award
(Given to about 10 highly-achieving PhD students in the College of Engineering and Computing)
2017-Cory Reed

EarthScope Institute for Lithospheric Modeling
2014-Fansheng Kong: Travel grant

EarthScope US Seismic Array Advanced Data Processing Short Course at Northwestern University
2013-Youqiang Yu: Travel grant

Geological Society of America North-Central Section Annual Meeting
2021-Aryana Mattmann, Yan Jia, and Yangyang Liao (together with undergradaute students Emily Prior and Grant Clark): Student presentation Honorable Mention.

Jeffery Spooner Outstanding Graduate Scholar
(Given annually to the top 1 (3 in 2010 & and 2 in 2015) graduate student in scholarly achievements in the Geology&Geophysics Program)
2021-Yan Jia (Honorable mention)
2020-Kailun Ba (Runner up)
2019-Tuo Wang
2018-Muchen Sun
2017-Lin Liu
2016-Cory Reed
2015-Fansheng Kong, Youqiang Yu
2014-Cory Reed
2011-Hesham Refayee
2010-Ali Atef, David Bridges
2008-Dax Moidaki

National Science Foundation East Asia Summer Institute Fellowship
($5,617 to support travel and living in an East Asian country for summer research)
2010-Ben Williams

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistants
(Given annually to the top graduate TA in the Geology&Geophysics Program; one per year (two for 2019))
2019-Muchen Sun & Tianze Zhang
2018-Yani Lin
2017-Yunxin Peng
2016-Lin Liu
2011-Brock Alldridge

PhD dissertation completion scholarship
2015-2016: Fansheng Kong

Publications Award
(given by the Geology and Geophysics Program to students who have published one or more refereed journal papers as the first author):

2021-Yan Jia, Enyuan Jiang, Ashutosh Shrivastava
2020-Kailun Ba
2019-Muchen Sun, Tuo Wang
2018-Lin Liu, Saleh Qaysi, Muchen Sun
2017-Lin Liu, Cory Reed
2016-Fansheng Kong, Cory Reed, Bin Yang
2015-Fansheng Kong, Awad Lemnifi, Youqiang Yu
2014-Ahmed Elsheikh, Cory Reed
2013-Hesham Refayee, Bin Yang
2012-David Bridges, Bingzhu Wang
2011-Lamuil Bashir
2009-Ali Atef

Schlumberger North American Ocean Academic Competition
2014: Jarret Baldwin, Fansheng Kong, Youqiang Yu: First place with a $15,000 prize

Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) student awards
2022-Qichao Zhao, SEG Student Leadership Symposium Travel Grant
2019-Yuchen Yang, SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Award
2019-Ashutosh Shrivastava Earl D. and Reba C. Griffin Memorial Scholarship ($5000)
2019-Tuo Wang, SEG Earl D. and Reba C. Griffin Memorial Scholarship ($2500)
2018-SEG S&T chapter, Ridge Level Award, Certificate of Excellence, top 30 student chapter among the 265 student chapters around the world
2018-Dan Wang, SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Award
2018-Yani Lin, Annual Meeting Registration Grant
2018-Tianze Zhang, Annual Meeting Registration Grant
2018-Ashutosh Shrivastava, Geophysical Society of Tulsa ($1735)
2018-Ashutosh Shrivastava, Earl D. & Beba C. Griffin Memorial Schalarship ($1300)
2017-SEG S&T chapter, Ridge Level Award, Certificate of Excellence, top 30 student chapter around the world
2017-Aamer Alhakeem, leadership award
2017-Yangyang Liao, SEG/Hunt Scholarship ($5516.5)
2017-Ashutosh Shrivastava, Anadarko/SEG scholarship ($10,000)
2016-Yuchen Yang, SEG/Hunt Scholarship
2015-Bin Yang, leadership award
2014-Bin Yang, Anadarko/SEG Scholarship ($10,000)
2014-Bin Yang, SEG/ExxonMobil Travel Grant
2012-Dan Wang, SEG/Hunt Scholarship
2009-Ali Atef, leadership award

Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Top Presentation Recognition
2017-Tianze Zhang (one of the top 39 papers among more than 1100 presentations)

S&T Chancellor's Fellows Research Poster Competition
2016-Cory Reed (first prize)
2015-Cory Reed (second prize)

S&T Council of Graduate Students Travel Grant
2015-Muchen Sun

S&T Graduate Research Showcase
2014-Aamer Alhakeem (honorable mention)

Thomas Jerris Graduate Service Award
(Given annually to 1-2 graduate students in the Geology and Geophysics Program)
2017-Aamer Alhakeem
2016-Haider Dahm
2015-Cory Reed
2014-Cory Reed
2010-Ahmed Elsheikh