Missouri S&T Tae Kwon Do Club

Welcome to the Missouri S&T Tae Kwon Do home page. If you are looking for a realistic introduction into the martial arts, you have come to the right place. We will not offer you stories about training with mythical figures, enhanced mental powers, or a black belt in 2 years with all the undeserved sense of self worth that it will bring. Instead, we offer you the opportunity to partake in traditional Tae Kwon Do and realistic self defense training with an exposure to many effective martial arts principles.

Founded as the Shotokan Karate Club in the late 60's and later changed to the Tae Kwon Do Club in the 70's, our club is among our longest running student organizations and is the longest running martial arts club on campus. This is for good reason, as we have a history of producing top-notch martial artists. We are student-run with the goal of teaching the martial art of Tae Kwon Do to anyone who is willing to learn in an effort to provide invaluable skills at no cost.

Our club is open to Missouri S&T students, faculty, staff, and dependents and is a great way to meet new friends and study partners. Experience is not required -- we have members who range from beginner to black belt. Please feel free to drop in on any of our regularly scheduled workouts. If you want to join in it is recommended that you wear loose fitting clothing (ie. sport pants/shorts and t-shirt) and bring a water bottle.

I hope to see you there!