These limericks were written by Professor David Lesley (pictured in the front left here)

The Literary Group

Our next speaker, soon to be here

comes from Deutschland, not very near.

Martin Bohner is he,

and all will agree,

it’s a long way to come for a beer.


Existence and Oscillation Problems for Sturm-Liouville Eigenvalue Problems

Wednesday March 17, 1993 3 30 PM

Room 251






Martin was one of our exchange students from Ulm. He is a great devotee of Salazar’s Mexican cafe, to which we always migrated after the literary groups in those days. Any other excuse was also sufficient.

Department of Mathematical Sciences



Martin Bohner

University of ULM

An Oscillation Theorem for Sturm-Liouville Difference Equations with Separated Boundary Conditions


Wednesday, September 1, 1993

3 30 PM BAM 261



It once was a dark Sturmy night

and in Liouville Kentucky the sight

of strange oscillations

for difference equations

gave dogs and young children a fright.




Martin later completed his Ph. D. writing on this topic and this limerick appears at the beginnning of the thesis.

The Literary Gruppe

is again visited by

Martin Bohner

Jacobi's Condition for Discrete Quadratic Functionals

Thursday June 9, 1994 3:30 PM , BA 261

When seeking a bottom or top,

you'd like to know when you can stop,

and Jacobi's condition

gives you welcome permission

to say, "This one's the best of the crop."




Jacobi conditions are sufficient conditions for an extremum, like the second derivative test.

The Literary Group

is resurrected by

Martin Bohner

who speaks on variations on a theme of Weierstrab

Discrete Field Theory

A Discrete version of the Fundamental Theorem of Weierstrab

Friday, February 6, 1998 , 3 30 PM

BAM 261



There once was a fellow from Ulm

who took a variant up to his room.

They both were discreet

and wouldn’t repeat

a word to Ken Starr; that spells Doom!

The Literary Group
welcomes its prodigal son
Martin Bohner

of the University of Missouri-Rolla
who will speak on

Laplace Transform and Z Transform -- Unified!

Thursday March 27, 2003, 3:30-4:30 p.m. CG-314

Martin's new theory of scales
Is good from amoebas to whales.
This fella from Rolla
Is a hard act to folla,
'cause his Z-transform's power ne'er fails.