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Get Ready For EXAM 1
LEAD Review Session in Schrenk-G3 on 9/6 (7-9pm).

Get Ready for EXAM 2 and FORMULAS

LEAD Review Sesssion in Schrenk-G3 on 9/27 (7-9pm).

Get Ready for Exam 3
LEAD Review Session in Schrenk-G3 on 11/1 (7-9pm)
The table will not be given to you for the exam.

Get Ready for Exam 4

FINAL EXAM will be given in Phys 104 from 1:30pm to 3:30pm on Monday, December 12, 2005!!!!!

Graded Homework Problems: 23(7.1)&83(7.2)/14(7.3)&49(7.4)/19(7.7)&87(7.R)/61(8.1)&15(8.2)/16(8.3)&60(8.4)/71(8.8)&71(8.R)/50(12.1)&28(12.2)/56(12.2)&25(12.3)/26(12.5)&14(12.6)/12(12.8)&27(12.9)

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